Virtual Open House Lectures

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Should we kill the fat man? The trolley problem and normative ethics
The trolley problem is a thought experiment that can be approached from different perspectives. Depending on whether we rely on deontological ethics or adopt a utilitarian approach, we will reach different solutions to this problem in its different versions. And we will understand that, sometimes, the context in which we face a controversial dilemma influences our decisions.
Introduction to Marketing
Marketing, demystified: Many people equate Marketing to Advertising and Social media, and while they are an integral part of it, there’s more that happens behind the curtains. This Introduction to Marketing mock lecture will help prospective students understand the Marketing process and its strategic role within the organization to establish and promote band positioning built on an understanding of Consumer Behavior first. The session will also give students insight into how we use the flipped classroom at AUBG to assure better understanding and a more engaging educational experience. Ultimately, we will review professional opportunities after graduation for the ones who are interested in this area of study.
Welcome to Psychology at AUBG! May We Introduce You to Your Brain?
This lecture by Psychology faculty member Dr. Ronald Harvey will cover a number of fascinating facts about the human brain. In addition, Prof. Harvey will talk about the Psychology program at AUBG and answer any questions from the participants.
The Nature of Light 
We discuss the evolution of our understanding of the nature of light, from Newton's idea of light as a beam of tiny particles, through Young's proof that light is a wave, to Einstein's theory of the dual (quantum) nature of light as both a wave and a beam of photons. Trying to explain the properties of light has lead to some of the greatest achievements in physics, including Relativity Theory and Quantum Physics. Our lecture will include a number of laboratory demonstrations as illustrations.
Digital Photojournalism
This lecture explores the use of photography in journalism and visual storytelling. We will discuss various aspects of photographic composition, use of natural light, and storytelling skills. We will also discuss the importance of field collaboration, helping others to have their voice heard. There will be plenty of time for questions!
Understanding a Set of Accounts
When people talk about the "books" What do they mean? Do they mean the accounts of a Business. This presentation will, using real life examples, explain what is in a set of Final accounts. The presentation will also lead the participants to several websites to help to explain the mystical content of Company accounts!
The Man on the Moon
The moon has always produced a special fascination on human beings. Over the millennia the earth’s satellite attracted and inspired poets, painters, scientists, musicians or just ordinary people. In my lecture I would like to illustrate a time in the last century when the moon became the object of a race between the then two rivaling superpowers, United States and Soviet Union.  A time, the 60’s, when the space became a new theater of the Cold war, when to put a man on the moon became an imperative for US and SU,  and it meant to show to the “enemy” and to the entire world not only a technological supremacy but also an ideological superiority of one system over the other.

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